2003 FanQ Winner
Best Stargate Non-Fiction Zine
Best Stargate Gen Artist – Leah Rosenthal
Best Highlander Gen Artist – Leah Rosenthal
Best Highlander Non-Fiction Zine
Best Multi-Media Non-Fiction Zine
Best Multi-Media Gen Artist – Leah Rosenthal

2004 FanQ Winner
Best Stargate Non-Fiction Zine
Best Stargate Gen Artist – Leah Rosenthal
Best Highlander Gen Artist – Leah Rosenthal

Last Updated 12/11/2009

Check out the links to see brand new Supernatural Cartoons and Multi-Media (Boston Legal, House, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural and more) Cartoons and remember all of our older designs are still available, including Peter Wingfield, Adrian Paul photo sets, Michael Shanks, all of our previous Startoon designs, Highlander cartoons, and a Jack/Daniel Cartoon calendar.

All of our calendars are made using our exclusive candid photos or original parody cartoon artwork.

Each 12 month calendar as laid out (see the linked websites) is $20.00 plus postage/handling. The calendars are printed on heavy duty bright white card stock and spiral bound. If you would like a calendar longer than 12 months, they can be special ordered for $1.00 extra per month. I can customize your 12 month calendar with different pictures/cartoons for $1.00 per substitution. Calendars are printed with US holidays, but they can be customized (no additional charge) if you are in the UK or Canada or elsewhere. Just ask and I’ll let you know! If you do not specify a beginning month, your calendar will be produced beginning the following year. If you would prefer a different starting month/year, just specify.

Many of the cartoons and candid photos on our site can be used (see links below). Just contact me with your wish list and I’ll work with you.

Highlander Cartoon Calendars

Peter Wingfield Calendars

Jim Byrnes Calendar

Adrian Paul Candid Photo Sets

Michael Shanks Calendars

Multi-Media Cartoon Calendars
(Lost, House, Boston Legal, Numb3rs, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica, 24, Alias, Atlantis, Man from UNCLE, Buffy, Angel, Babylon 5, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Stargate, Highlander, Witchblade, Andromeda, Xena and more!)

Startoon Stargate Parody Calendars

Supernatural Cartoon Calendars

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To order calendars, please contact Ann Wortham at ashton7@aol.com.

Prices do NOT include postage unless otherwise stated. Orders of multiple calendars can be shipped together to save on postage. Insurance is optional and may be added based on the total value of your order. International shipment is also available. We accept money orders, cash (at sender’s risk!) or credit cards (via Paypal only) in payment.

To view more of Leah’s cartoons go to our Methos/Cassandra Cartoon Site and our Highlander Cartoon Site or our Stargate Site.

We also have a site featuring all of Leah’s cartoons in various other fandoms, including crossovers. Fandoms represented so far include X-Files, Stargate, Highlander, Cold Squad, Queen of Swords, Beauty & the Beast, Andromeda, Cold Feet, Forever Knight, Spiderman, Babylon 5, and many more. Check them all out at The Toonarama.

To see more candid photos of Highlander and Stargate actors, go to our Ashton Press Photo Site. Just about any of these photos can be used on the calendars. If you want photos of Daniel and can provide them or they are somewhere on our site, just let me know and it’s possible they can be used.

All of Leah’s cartoons are available as matted, hand-colored prints directly from the artist. If you're interested, e-mail Leah Rosenthal. She also takes commissions.

Thank you to all of you who nominated and voted for Ashton Press publications, artists and authors for this year’s Fan Q Awards! We were honored to see our zines and contributors nominated and/or winning in the Highlander, Stargate and Multi-Media categories. Ashton Press winners are all listed at our FanQ site. Congratulations to all the winners in every category!

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